Part 3 Immediate Dental Implant Placement Technique – Indonesian Dental Training Center

The intention of placing immediate implant is to try to preserve tissue contour, dimension and also, decrease treatment time. Nevertheless, immediate implants require a precise case selection to achieve successful results. If conditions are not favorable, an alternative approach, like delayed placement also has several advantages.

Moreover, appropriate surgical treatment, restorative procedures, and clinical experience are essential when performing immediate installment of implant. Furthermore, itโ€™s a valuable and predictable option in terms of implant survival and hard and soft tissue remodeling.

Thus, there are five key aspects to follow in placing an immediate implant in order to reach favorable outcomes, these are the five triangles : (I) primary stability where there is existing apical bone, (II) the presence of a buccal plate, (III) filling of the gap between the buccal plate and the implant or jumping distance (IV) tissue biotype, and (V) implant design.


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