Nurse allegedly choked patient with severe brain injury

A nurse who allegedly assaulted a patient suffering from a severe brain injury has been identified as Leopold Ramos.

The vision is confronting and up until now has failed to reveal the man accused of abusing a defenceless patient in his hospital bed.

The 32-year-old was a nurse at Caulfield hospital caring for patient Billy Aivaliotis, who suffered a severe brain injury as a result of a motor accident.

Unable to speak, bathe or feed himself, his family believed he was in the best care at the specialised brain trauma unit but became concerned when bruises started to appear.

“It really raised alarm bells when he started to regress,” sister Effie Stagnitti said.

Placing a secret camera inside his room, what they captured was shocking.

“All I could hear was my brother screaming, and the nurse’s hands around his neck.”

It’s alleged The 33-year-old was choked and shoved, and had a napkin aggressively shoved into his face.

But Ramos’ lawyer claimed you could not see what part of the body had pressure on it and that what appeared to be choking was not an assault.

The lawyer claimed Ramos was acting out of care as there was a safety a risk he would fall off the chair.

“A picture tells a thousand words notwithstanding the hyperbole to describe the incident. They are of very, very short duration,” Ramos’s lawyer said.

Magistrate Tan indicated he would consider upgrading the charge from unlawful assault to aggravated unlawful assault which carries a maximum of six-months in prison.

Ramos no longer works at the hospital and a report into the care of patients at the unit found urgent funding is needed for staff development.

He’ll return to court in October.


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