Help Help Help

This is Oyinyechi Okorie a mother of 3. She has Cancer on her right breast and and she has been on this for over 2 year now. Her ailment was why the husband left her with 3 kids and never showed up till date.

She believes Anikep Foundation can give her Voice ( Giving Voice to the Voiceless) that is why she came to us but we can’t do it all alone. She needs our support to avoid the spread of it as you can see it’s degenerating.

She needs urgent attention and care from us all so as I always say, *”Always have a willing hand to help someone, because u might be the only one that does”.*

All she needs is 1.5 million,my believe is 1,000 from 1,500 people will put her back in good condition and to take care of her children.

God bless you as you help her.

Oluwaseun Peters MD /CEO Anikep Foundation
Naira Account 1006111732 (Current Account )
Dollar Account 5366184140,
Zenith Bank.


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