Broken Teeth-Repair-Dental Conduit UK

BROKEN TEETH:Broken teeth can be easily fixed with the use of a veneer. The porcelain can be used to cover all or part of the tooth to create a perfect front that shows no sign of the damage.
Bonding: Minor chips can be fixed without the need for a porcelain veneer by using a composite material in a natural tooth cover — used in a similar way to plaster or cement to repair the tooth.
Bridges:Dental bridges are used to span the gaps caused by missing teeth in order to help you restore your smile, avoid bad bites, gum diseases and help you speak properly. Our dentists at Execudent Conduit, help you choose the best suitable bridges material for your teeth depending on its function, location, aesthetics and cost.
Crowns: To restore a severely worn down or a broken tooth, at Execudent Conduit, our dentists will suggest the best suitable crown for you in order to restore its shape, size and strength or to simply improve its appearance.


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