VOSD Sanctuary Clinic needs URGENT revamp

VOSD Sanctuary clinic needs URGENT revamp

Ingela Ingelsson is based in Sweden. She read about VOSD few years ago when we had about 500 dogs. She came to visit us and saw how VOSD rescues stray dogs that no one wants or can help. She appeals to you to be part of the VOSD Sanctuary Clinic revamp by making a contribution to our Ketto fundraiser. Thank you, Ingela. We, and our 800 dogs truly appreciate your support.

VOSD Sanctuary clinic was built 6 yrs ago when we had 20 dogs. While we have 2 OPD’s, a basic surgery and give great long-term medical care, each dog has to make a 150km round trip to Bangalore to begin treatment! This compromises health care we can provide greatly. With 800 rescued dogs ALL with medical conditions, we urgently need to upgrade. Please donate generously.


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