‘I STILL Had This Annoying, Itchy, Dry Cough. ‘They Want Me To Go To The Hospital.

‘I STILL Had This Annoying, Itchy, Dry Cough. ‘They Want Me To Go To The Hospital. They Don’t Want Me To Drive There, And They Want Me To Go Now,’ I Nervously Explained To My Husband.’

The day was Friday the 13th and it turned out to be the worst day of my entire life. I woke up around 9 a.m. due to my husband’s alarm going off for him to go to work. I had the day off and had planned to get some much-needed shopping done for our cruise we were going on the next week. The only problem was I STILL had this annoying, itchy, dry cough that wouldn’t go away and had been there for months. I had previously seen the doctor three times in the past 2 months, and the first time it was ‘allergies,’ the second ‘a stubborn cold’ and the third time was ‘acute bronchitis,’ all of which I was given antibiotics for, and none worked. My husband insisted I go to Urgent Care to at least get checked out before our trip to Mexico, that way I had a week if they put me on antibiotics and I would finish in time. I agreed to go, so I started to get ready.

I arrive at Urgent Care and I only see one other patient so I’m thinking this will be a quick trip, but boy was I wrong. I get called into the room where the nurse takes my vitals and I wait for the doctor. He once again checks my lungs and doesn’t understand what’s going on. Finally, he suggests that we take an X-Ray to maybe get a better view of what was happening inside my body to get answers. I change into a gown and the technician takes pictures of my chest and abdomen. As soon as we’re done, I can tell something isn’t right. He tells me to view the images on the screen and proceeds to tell me, ‘You’re really lucky you came in today because something is definitely wrong.’ I immediately feel as if I lost all color in my face. He tells me to change back into my regular clothes and head back to the room to see the doctor.
I go back into the room and the doctor has a very concerned look on his face. ‘I’m waiting for instructions on how to proceed,’ he said. Then he gets an email saying to send me to the ER immediately. I could tell at this point he and the technician are trying extremely hard not to send me into a panic, but I’ve already set myself in that mode. Why couldn’t anyone tell me what was going on? What was wrong with me? Why was my body betraying me like this? So many thoughts and concerns entered my mind, but in trying to avoid a panic attack, I stayed calm and focused on breathing. Then I called my husband.

My husband was at work. He already knew something was wrong because I never call him at work. ‘I’m at Urgent Care and they want me to go to the hospital. They also don’t want me to drive there, and they want me to go now,’ I nervously explained. As I’m waiting for my husband to come get me, they hand me a stack of papers, the CD with my images, have me pay a co-pay, and all I can think is WHAT IS GOING ON? When my husband arrived, I walk outside and breakdown in tears. I can tell he is freaked out – completely freaked out, and not saying a word. We get into the car to start driving to the hospital and I immediately take out the forms they gave me and start googling the words. I cried the whole way to the hospital. We get out and I’ve finally got my crying under control, but I can’t say the same for my husband who just went to the bathroom while I checked in. I hand the girl at the front desk the papers and I’m called soon after. Up until this point in my 26-year-old life, I had 0 surgeries (not even wisdom teeth) and I had never had my blood drawn before, so this was a completely terrifying feeling for me.
My husband finally pulls himself together and my mother in law has met us at the hospital where I’ve been questioned, had my blood drawn, and I’m now sitting in a room waiting to get ANY kind of answers. It’s not long before I’m seen and taken to get a CT scan. About 30 minutes later a doctor and a nurse come in. ‘We think it’s cancer,’ they said. After that, I blacked out. That was obviously ‘worst’ case scenario, but I knew once I heard it, I felt deep in my core that was the answer. My husband and mother in law had so much hope that it was walking pneumonia, but after all the blood tests, scans, and how convinced the doctor was, I knew….

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