Emotional – trying not to cry | Thankful for YouTube community

Lynn tries not to cry as she shares a recent experience going to urgent care. While working on the YouTube videos, Lynn’s left arm went numb. SHOW MORE !!!!

It was numb from her shoulder all the way down to her fingers. After a while, her upper arm started to really hurt. She did a few thing to try and fix that, clenched her fist, shook her arm around, got a drink of water, walked around. Nothing seemed to help. She decided she was tired, and probably needed a nap. Once she laid down, she realized that she should not ignore the symptoms of a heart attack. She decided to go to urgent care. On the way over, she became emotional.

She realized that if she died that day, she would leave a loving legacy for her children through the YouTube videos that she and her honey have already created. The tears started to flow, as she also felt crazy thankful for the channel, for the YouTube community, and for the YouTube subscribers.

Even while talking about it in this video, she was trying not to cry while she trying to share her thanks. It was happy crying, but, it was still crying. She also decided to add links in the description section with resources related to heart disease for anyone who would find that information helpful.

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👍 Emotional – trying not to cry | Thankful for YouTube community

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