Denture and Dental Implant Supply Haul | Bonus Emergency Denture and Implant Supply Kit

Some of the denture and dental implant products I have used over the years.This is not a sponsored video, I bought these products, myself, so that I could show you some of the products I love. Read more to see product list and time stamps.

*Most products were purchased at Wall-Mart. I indicated the ones purchased at Target*

Products in this video:
Equate Denture Bath – 0:27
Fixodent Extra Hold Powder: 0:57
Colgate My First toothbrush (THE STRUGGLE!) – 1:38
Sensodyne Pronamel – 2:18
Polident 3 Minute Daily Cleanser tablets: 2:35
Colgate Floss-Tip Bristle toothbrush – 3:32
Listerine Sensitivity Zero Alcohol mouth wash – 4:09
Oral-B Superfloss – 4:14 (demonstration at 5:23)
Travel pouch (Design Love Best on clearance at Target)- 6:01
Travel Size Scope Mouthwash – 6:19
Clear bottle (Target) – 6:23
Fixodent Original travel size – 6:48
Equate Triple Medicated Oral Pain Reliever/Antiseptic gel – 6:57
DenTek Easy Brush – 7:15 (demonstration at 7:33)
Colgate Wisp – 8:16
Soap Container for Denture/Implant emergency kit – 8:32
Travel pill containers – 8:58

**dentures should not hurt, however, in the beginning stages, after your teeth are pulled, your gums will change and the dentures may become loose. Loose dentures tend to cause irritation to the gums, which can be painful and put you at risk for infection. Make sure to see your dentist about loose, ill-fitting dentures.

***Dentures need to be taken out, not only to soak them and ensure that they are clean, but also to give your gums a break.

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Denture and Dental Implant Supply Haul | Bonus Emergency Denture and Implant Supply Kit


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